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An upcoming fundraiser for CITTA, for the Rakjumari
Ratnavati School in Jaisalmer. 

In 2023, as I was doing an art residency with the Basu foundation in India, I had the luck to visit the Rakjumari Ratna Vati School, founded by Michael Daube and his organization CITTA in rural Jaisalmer on the edge of the Thar desert, that is dedicated to the education of girls living below the poverty line.

After discussing with Michael his project of art works created by women artists in support of the school, I imagined KUMARI NAYIKA : In collaboration with a group of students, I invented an epic tale where sustainability and greed, love and brotherly drama meet in the desert, and with it, created an art work, a giant photographic fresco,  where the girls embody the central characters... Princess Rimjin, born of the Sun and the River, in a faraway country where water is rare and dreams are blooming, Chetan, the defender of Nature who shepards butterflies, his friends the magician, the gardeners and the warrior, and his brother Marich, the cunning merchant and his court of polluting demons...