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Hélène Guétary is a visual artist, photographer, writer and director.

Born in Paris, she soon moved to New York for 12 years where she started her career as a painter. She soon experienced with multi-media and photography. She published a book of her early work of «Tableau Photography» in collaboration with Patrice Casanova, «SKINDEEP», with a foreword of the late Federico Fellini.  

She then worked on a project that lasted for two decades, HYPNOPOMPIA, an anthropological fiction sponsored by the Polaroid Corp with the use of the 20x24 inches Polaroid camera.  It has been exhibited in France and the US in various galeries and museums and published internationally 

The HYPNOPOMPIA project led her to direct. She then concentrated on directing and writing. She has been working internationally for the past 20 years, directed numerous award-winning short programs, documentaries and Fiction. She also conceived immersive videos for the Opera, and wrote 4 published novels. 

Hélène recently returned to photography, inspired by the loneliness of the lockdown, and worked with herself as a model on two series: ‘ME, MYSELF & I,’ a surreal photographic diary, and  ‘THE MASKED WORLD’’, exhibited in 2020 at Galerie Basia Embiricos and in 2021 at Galerie TAYLOR in Paris. Her current work has been featured by ARTDOC Magazine, HUMANITIES, ARTS & SOCIETY, and PARIS BAZAAR.

She’s currently working on ZEITGEIST, a call for attention to the fragility of our world. She has been selected for Residencies in 2022 and 2023 in Mauritius and India by The BASU FOUNDATION with the ZEITGEIST project. 

Her recent work was presented in a solo show at REMEDES GALERIE in Paris in September 2022


The work she produced during her BASU FOUNDATION residency was presented in October 23 in a giant projection on the JODHPUR Stepwell, invited by the RAAS-JDH

The KUMARI NAYIKA project was exhibited in a fundraiser event at the NineFish Gallery in Mumbai in April 2024


A collaborative show with Indian photographer Jayesh Sharma, ENDANGERED SPACES, took place at the INDIAN Museum in Kolkata in April 24, then at the Nine Fish Gallery in Mumbai in May 24

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